Music from social networking sites under one umbrella


  • Encompasses several social networking sites
  • Listen to music for free
  • Interact with other users


  • Too many pictures and linking make it heavy on RAM


Qplayer is the official player of the Qbox.com project - an online social networking site designed to help users find groups and bands that are recommended by MySpace and YouTube users.

It's an interesting project that claims to give indie bands greater coverage and outreach although when I surfed into the site, the first band is showed and played was Coldplay! The developers estimate that 75% of MySpace visitors use MySpace to find music and according to one survey, 52% of respondents stream music from social networks such as MySpace, Bebo, and Hi5.

The Qbox project and Qplayer attempt to bring all these sites together by allowing fans of similar music to interact and discuss their favourite tunes. By indexing the entire music collections on the largest social networks, Qbox allows users to search, organize and listen to all the music available across sites such as MySpace and Bebo through one simple app.

Qplayer is simply the interface through which all this can be watched allowing you to also leave messages and interact with other users on the Qbox network. It claims to have access to over 21 million songs and the repository is certainly impressive. The player itself however is very heavy on graphics producing album art and pictures of the band you are listening to which makes it rather heavy on RAM and not exactly lightweight

However, this is an extremely interesting project and a very bright idea - if you love music and can't be bothered going through different social networking sites to find it, you might find Qplayer and the Qbox network a superb resource.




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